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Shows This Summer

Here’s a list of shows I’m going to this summer:

Alkaline Trio and Bayside

June 21st: Alkaline Trio, Bayside, and The Fashion at Toad’s Place, New Haven, CT.
I an so ridiculously excited for the show. I’ve never seen Alkaline Trio, one of my favorite bands, and Toad’s is easily one of the best venues I’ve been too, simply because it’s not much larger than my basement. And my basement isn’t very large at all.

July 21st: All Time Low, Hit the Lights, Valencia, The Webster, Hartford, CT.
Yes, I have terrible tastes in music, and yes, this show will be overrun by little girls, but who cares. All Time Low is the perfect summer band, and Hit the Lights is pretty high on that list as well.

July 25th: Black Kids, Santo’s Party House, New York.
I have no idea what to expect from this one. Black Kids, one of the biggest buzz bands around will take a short break from a long European tour to play this Manhattan venue, which I had never heard of and seems completely sketchy based on their web site. The band release their much-hyped debut the week before, and years from now I could be telling people about the time I saw Black Kids before they got huge, or I could be telling them about that time I walked into some creepy bar to be surrounded by hipsters and watch an another overrated indie band that would never be heard from again. Either way, it will be interesting.

August 2nd: Coldplay, TD Banknorth Garden, Boston.
I’ve never liked Coldplay. In fact, most of their singles have been so overplayed that I’ve had the urge to throw a wrench through the speakers whenever one came on at the gym on in the car. However, their new stuff sounds much, much better, and a friend of mine is a huge fan. It should be a fun experience, arena shows always are.

August 7th: Nine Inch Nails, Mohegan Sun Arena.
I feel like I’m not a real music fan until I’ve seen Nine Inch Nails, and I feel this is as good a time as ever to finally take the chance. While I’m not their biggest fan by any means, they’ve influenced a lot of the bands I listen to (like AFI and Thursday), and they haven’t toured the US in a while. The only drawback is the fact there are seats on the floor. Lame.

August 30th: Paramore, Jack’s Mannequin, Phantom Planet, Chevy Theater, Wallingford CT.
Finally!!! My chance to see Jack’s Mannequin, a band I’ve loved since they released their only cd at the end of my last summer before leaving for college. They’ve still never played a Boston show, and despite the fact that they’re not headlining, this was too good to pass up. To make it even better, the next morning, I finally get to go back to school! It’s funny that when I was first listening to Jack’s Mannequin, I was terrified of leaving for school, and now that I’m first seeing them, I’ll be thrilled to leave. Also, does anyone not love that album cover? Fits so perfectly with the music.

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