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Jimmy Eat World Clairty X10


The House of Blues, Boston
February 26th, 2009

While the venue may have been so new you could still smell the drying paint, the sound emanating from the stage was classic 1999, as Jimmy Eat World brought their masterpiece Clarity to life at Boston’s House of Blues. This truly was a night that the sellout crowd of 2,500 had been waiting for. The Clarity x10 Tour, which would feature the band playing the the fan-favorite record in its entirety, would make stops in only 10 cities and was announced in November. For most, it would be the first opportunity to hear gems such as “Your New Aesthetic” or “Just Watch the Fireworks,” tracks the band rarely includes on their current set lists. Also, Boston had lacked a major music venue since September of 2007 when Avalon and Axis closed for “renovations.” The renovations turned out to quite exhaustive, as the space was sold to Live Nation, both buildings were torn down, and a sparkling new House of Blues was built in their place. One thing that was apparent right from the start of the show was that this building picked up right where Avalon left of in the sound department, as both Jimmy Eat World and opener Ruben’s Accomplice sounded crystal clear, and extremely loud.

To start the night, Arizona’s Ruben’s Accomplice took the stage to a round of polite applause from the eager crowd. While they sounded great and seemed to be enjoying themselves on stage, the crowd did not seem all that interested, as many chatted while ignoring the band. While they may be have four big fans in Jimmy Eat World, it is a shame that they haven’t achieved greater popularity in this part of the country, considering how well crafted many of their songs sounded.

After a half an hour wait between sets, Jimmy Eat World finally took the stage in front of a simple yet impressive backdrop of white light and started things slowly with Clarity’s opening track, “Table for Glasses.” Many in the crowd swayed and sang along to this slow tempo number, and with little between song chatter, the band would then go on to play Clarity in its entirety. Despite the fact that the band had not played many of these songs on a consistent basis in years, they all sounded spot on. However, the crowd was surprisingly mixed between die-hard fans loving every minute, and those who seemed far less interested. While many at the front sang every word with fingers in the air, those farther back stood with arms crossed, seemingly hearing many of the songs for the first time. For those who did know the CD, the highlights of the show included “Sunday” and “Blister,” the ladder of which inspired a huge sing along. Also, the band ended the set by playing the full fifteen minute version of “Goodbye Sky Harbor” with the help of multiple instrumental and vocal loops.

After a brief absense, the band then returned to the stage to play Static Prevails’ “What Would I Say to You Now” and “No Sensetivity” from their 2000 split with Jebedia. Both of these tracks were obscure to say the least, and they were greated with a luke-warm reception from the crowd. From here, the band would finally break out some of their better known tunes, playing “23,” “Pain,” and “Kill,” all from 2004’s Futures in succession. These songs finally brought the entire crowd to life, and the the show would come to a fitting climax as the band played their two biggest hits, “The Middle” and “Sweetness.”

Clarity will always be cherished by die-hard Jimmy Eat World fans, and this was obviously a night, and a tour, dedicated to them. While it would be nice to see more bands pick up on this idea, it was obvious that you can never make everyone happy by playing only older material. As proven by the band, Jimmy Eat World can write and perform pop songs better then just about anyone out there, and have been doing so for ten years. However, this night also proved that despite Clarity’s greatness, the band will always be known and remembered for their two big radio hits, unfair as that may seem.


Table for Glasses
Lucky Denver Mint
Your New Aesthetic
Believe In What You Want
A Sunday
Just Watch the Fireworks
For Me This Is Heaven
Goodbye Sky Harbor

What I Would Say To You Now
No Sensitivity
The Middle

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